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Ohio Manufacturers’ Association
Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

The Need

The mission of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA), the trade association for Ohio’s manufacturers, is “to protect and grow Ohio manufacturing.” In 2012, in light of market conditions and opportunities, manufacturers began to manage energy more intentionally. The OMA recognized manufacturers’ need for technical support and subject matter expertise.

Our Approach

We began by facilitating education of – and collaboration between – OMA member companies and sites along with providing one-on-one technical assistance to members making energy-related decisions. These early efforts grew and our team also began providing subject matter expertise to OMA staff and members regarding energy regulations and policy concerning customer-sited resources and energy technologies. Our approach is governed by our company ethos of providing accurate and unbiased information to our clients and to help manufacturers make data-driven decisions.

The Results

The OMA convenes an active group of manufacturers which steers regulatory interventions to ensure that energy costs incurred are prudent and justifiable for all Ohio manufacturers. OMA’s efforts benefit all energy users in the state. The OMA also organizes a Sustainability Peer Network (SPN), a forum for manufacturers to candidly and transparently discuss energy and sustainability-related efforts in their companies and the state. At the OMA SPN, it is manufacturers who are driving innovative, sustainable changes for their organizations, and which, not insignificantly, benefit society.

Our Role

Subject matter expert, technical member assistance, efficiency education coordinator, SPN facilitator.

The Client

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association


2012 - present


John Seryak, PE

Peter Worley

Ryan Schuessler

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