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Charles Schreier, PE

Charlie, based in Cleveland, has used his programming, data analysis, and statistical knowledge to lead the development of both the front- and back-end logistics of Go’s utility data analysis processes and services for more than a decade. He is involved in the generation and normalization of energy consumption profiles, the synthesis of valuable indicators to guide client action, and in the development of custom scoring and reporting for our largest regional and international portfolio clients. Charlie continually strives to develop and evolve the handling, processing, and application of large data sets to answering questions about energy.

Charlie has deep subject matter expertise that supports our clients as they engage in more advanced interaction with the energy grid through load management, advanced portfolio-scale planning, and deployment of renewable energy and energy storage. He has developed a deep understanding of client fleet needs as they plan for organization-scale sustainability with a focus on decarbonization and electrification for cars, vans, and large vehicle fleets. Accordingly, he has led our team in understanding the boundaries, opportunities, and necessities of transportation electrification for the Central Ohio Transit Authority.

Charlie is well versed in the needs of investor-owned and municipal utilities. For our municipal utility clients, he has led our program development and on-site project verification for rebate programs, assisted in the study of advanced services such as demand response programs, and has assisted our clients in utility-scale renewable energy deployment. For other utility or portfolio clients, Charlie’s data analytics skills enable Go to perform accurate third-party benchmarking, tracking, and measurement and verification (M&V) services.

Charlie received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton and is captivated by the creative process. At home, this manifests in far too many hobbies. His interest in traditional craft has led to pursuits ranging across spoon carving, birch bark basketry, blacksmithing, and beyond. The tangible outcomes from his workshop help balance out his time at the computer and can even provide insights into manufacturing processes. Fortunately, these recreational respites are unlikely to ever fully distract from his over-sized spreadsheets.

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