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Our Team is
Your Team

We become part of your team, adopting your criteria to guide our analysis and recommendations to meet your goals. Our depth of engineering experience and wide range of knowledge allows us to become a technical extension of your staff. Whether you manage one facility, a campus, or an international portfolio, we can support you.

Modern Architecture
Efficiency and Technical Support

Our staff expertise is rooted in the field, having provided energy audits, commissioning, energy simulation, measurement & verification, and other support services for several hundred industrial and commercial facilities. The knowledge and experience base for any one of these services directly feeds and enhances the others.


We analyze your facilities and energy-using systems to identify, quantify, and justify energy savings opportunities in an actionable and transparent manner.

Project Profiles:


We act as an owner’s technical representative to impact a project’s energy use from design, through construction, and through the critical hand-off to facility staff.

Project Profiles:


We provide insight into how design decisions are linked to energy consumption and the reality of how equipment is operated.

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Measurement & Verification (M&V)

We have observed, documented, and quantified over one thousand projects to provide a unique understanding of where and why energy investments succeed or fail. 

Project Profiles:

Let's brainstorm together! We love to talk about energy.
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