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Zero Energy Home
Zero Energy Home

The Need

As society pursues deeper engagement with energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced energy technologies, we are going to need more skilled people! Skilled and well-educated people in trades like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and beyond will be crucial to create the buildings designed by architects, engineers, and building owners. Thus, C-TEC set out to build a zero energy model home for its campus for an educational hands-on learning project and environment.

Our Approach

Using input from campus staff, architects, and design engineers, the team at Go Sustainable Energy created an energy simulation model of the home to help with project design decisions. Our industry has known that building a zero energy home is technologically and generally economically feasible for a long time. For this project, the goal was to enhance the economics and understand the energy impacts of each design decision.

The Results

The home was built and opened in 2016. To paraphrase C-TEC, this home will utilize both the secondary and adult education students and will provide authentic, multi-disciplinary opportunities to focus on high energy efficiency and green building standards and materials. This Net Zero Energy Model Home will also serve as a showcase for local products, an educational center for the community and a unique, hands-on learning opportunity for faculty and incoming students to research energy efficiency and advanced world-class products.”

We are thankful for the opportunity to help join our professional colleagues, especially the project architects at M+A Architects to make this project a reality.

Our Role

Zero Energy Simulation Consultant

The Client





Gregory Raffio, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Mohamed Tatari, PE

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