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Mohamed Tatari, PE

Mohamed is Go’s Engineer Development Lead, supporting technical skill development amongst our engineers. Among his many duties, Mohamed coordinates staff education and professional certification, mentors staff, and serves as an important additional layer of quality control for our deliverables.

Mohamed served as a project lead and senior reviewer for our work in the AES Ohio (formerly DP&L) territory. From 2011-2020, Mohamed was a member of our DP&L evaluation, measurement & verification EM&V team, who jointly provided EM&V for around 1,000 energy efficiency projects in DP&L territory. He continues to support our municipal utility efficiency program work in Westerville Electric Division and Cuyahoga Falls Electric System territories. Mohamed has been critical to hundreds of utility-scale M&V projects, which have measured energy savings on compressed air systems, industrial equipment, chiller plants, pumping systems, HVAC, etc. Mohamed always strives for high quality work and rapidly analyzes and understands complex systems. This extensive experience with M&V and complex systems allows Mohamed to play a critical role in energy auditing, energy simulation, commissioning, and other technical assistance services for our clients.

Net-Zero energy is a key area of technical interest for Mohamed. He has worked on multiple net-zero energy studies and has performed energy simulation and commissioning for net-zero new construction projects. Mohamed has also helped to co-author and present about our team’s net-zero energy observations and results.

Mohamed received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Aleppo University in Syria. Mohamed received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles.

Mohamed spends his free time playing with his children and teaching them a love for nature and outdoor activities.

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