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Cleveland State University
Cleveland State University

The Need

Cleveland State University established their first Climate Action Plan in 2013. In 2017, they made an additional commitment to combat climate change by joining hundreds of other universities, businesses and municipalities in the #WeAreStillIn campaign. To achieve their ambitious goals of cost-effective carbon reduction, CSU focused their efforts on facility energy efficiency.

Our Approach

Leveraging external energy audit cost sharing, Go Sustainable Energy performed an energy audit for a portion of the campus, with a focus on Rhodes Tower and two science facilities connected by the central chiller plant. Our study identified about a dozen opportunities that could save around $500k in annual energy costs and have a measurable reduction in campus emissions.

The Results

Our study provides CSU with actionable information including low-cost operational adjustments and strategies for investments that will help them to achieve their efficiency goals. Like many large institutions, this is the start of a long journey towards a carbon-free future.

Our Role

Energy Auditor, Technical Consultant

The Client

Cleveland State University




Charles Schreier, PE

Kevin Fisher

Peter Kleinhenz, PE

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