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Land Grant Brewery
Land Grant Brewery

The Need

In 2017, Land Grant Brewing Company launched Sun-Grant, a formal sustainability program aimed to organize, measure, manage, and pursue their various environmental and communal initiatives. They’re so serious about this program that they employ a staff member to formally oversee Sun-Grant. Land Grant wanted to find more ways to save energy and costs while considering a major facility expansion.

Our Approach

Our team performed an ASHRAE Level 2+ energy audit for the brewery, funded by AEP-Ohio, Columbia Gas of Ohio, and the State of Ohio Development Services Agency. We analyzed all major energy and water using systems along with the brewing process. Using logged data and drawing upon our deep expertise in industrial energy systems, we identified, quantified, and documented 14 individual opportunities with cost and/or energy savings in major energy using systems.

With Sun-Grant as our guide, we also analyzed the facility’s potential to become a zero-energy or zero-carbon operation after the implementation of deep energy efficiency and the potential installation of renewable energy.

The Results

Land Grant has the opportunity to further reduce energy utility bills by about 25% with energy efficiency (even after having performed a LED lighting project before the audit). Further, the facility’s compressed air system, water consumption, and kegging process have opportunities for non-energy cost savings. Land Grant’s existing brewing operation has the potential to offset a significant amount of on-site energy consumption with renewable energy.

Our Role

Energy Auditor, Zero Energy Building Consultant

The Client

Land Grant Brewing Company




Kevin Fisher

Peter Kleinhenz, PE

Ryan Schuessler

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