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Ryan Schuessler, PE

Ryan is one of Go’s industrial energy experts and a critical part of our team when analyzing industrial energy using systems during energy audits, commissioning, and measurement & verification (M&V) projects. Ryan performs bulk data analysis and processing so that Go may perform services such as impact modeling of policy and regulatory issues and distributed energy resource adoption for individual customer facility accounts. He is also an expert in electricity transmission contracts and rate structures, helping our clients navigate the nuances of how they are charged for energy as they make investment decisions.

Ryan’s technical, investigatory, and communication skills are integral to our work with the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association. As Go’s regulatory lead for OMA, he helps members make energy-related decisions and provides subject matter expertise to OMA staff and members regarding energy regulations and policy concerning customer-sited resources and energy technologies.

Before joining our team, Ryan graduated from University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During his graduate studies, he performed 38 industrial energy audits with the UD Industrial Assessment center. He also completed “Compressed Air Challenge” Level 2 training and has published about sustainable manufacturing.

Ryan’s passion for sustainability led him to spend time abroad with the University of Dayton (UD) ETHOS program where he worked with wind turbine installations in India and cook-stoves in Ghana. He followed John Seryak and Greg Raffio’s footsteps as president of the UD Sustainability Club and also helped UD to develop the Hanley Sustainability Institute.

Ryan is a regular member of our company event planning and retreat planning teams. In his outdoor free time, enjoys going for long bike rides, with back-to-back centuries as his crowning achievement. In his indoor free time, he enjoys board games and Mario Kart.

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