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Dayton Power & Light
Dayton Power & Light

The Need

Starting in 2009, DP&L began providing energy efficiency incentives to its commercial and industrial customers. Since then they have expanded and evolved their energy efficiency programs to effectively promote energy efficiency projects throughout their service territory. The world of utility energy efficiency incentive programs is complicated and multiple parties need to understand the results of energy efficiency projects.

Our Approach

We have worked closely with DP&L’s efficiency program staff since the beginning of their program, to develop and deliver cost-effective and defensible evaluation, measurement & verification (EM&V) of energy efficiency projects across DP&L’s Rapid Rebate, Custom Rebate, New Construction Rebate, and Large Customer Self-Direct programs. These evaluations occur across a wide variety of projects ranging from the verification of a simple lighting installation in a small business to a complex M&V of a twelve air compressor sequencer project at one of Ohio’s largest energy using manufacturers.

In addition to directly supporting their rebate program we have also provided assistance in other areas:

  • Developed new prescriptive measures

  • Performed walkthrough audits of qualifying customers

  • Performed small-facility compressor audits

  • Reviewed a Utility Energy Service Contract Investment Grade Audit

The Results

We have provided EM&V for over 600 sites in DP&L territory and for over 800 energy efficiency projects. DP&L consistently receives an exceptional realization rate from its evaluator, which is a measure of the accuracy and effectiveness of its programs, a direct result of our efforts. Further, compared to other utilities in Ohio, DP&L provides the most cost-effective efficiency programs.

We have verified that these projects have saved in excess of 200 GWh, justifying over $15 million in rebates issued from DP&L to their customers.

Our Role

Third-party evaluation, measurement, and verification specialists

The Client

Dayton Power & Light


2009 - 2020


Mohamed Tatari, PE

Ryan Schuessler

Shawn Brown, Ph.D.

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