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Shawn Brown, Ph.D.

Shawn has overseen approximately one thousand utility-scale measurement and verification (M&V) projects, which have measured energy savings on compressed air systems, industrial equipment, chiller plants, pumping systems, HVAC, et cetera. Starting in 2009, Shawn was Go’s technical and project lead for utility-scale M&V and main point of contact for all work in Dayton Power & Light territory, until closure of DP&L’s programs in 2020.

Shawn’s natural proclivity for perfectionism brings necessary exactness to his work. As a skilled computer programmer, Shawn leads Go’s intellectual property development. He recently condensed our team’s deep and practical energy experience into a tool called Energy Regression Generator (ERG), which can quickly analyze millions of utility data accounts to disaggregate space conditioning, temperature change-points, and baseload energy consumption. ERG is the platform that allows Go to cost- and time-effectively perform portfolio energy analysis and consulting services.

Outside of work, Shawn has been coaching soccer for fifteen years. He is currently the head coach for a high school girls’ soccer program, and he is also a club soccer coach.

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