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Emily Roland

Emily is one of Go’s experienced commissioning agents and commercial energy experts. She has a background in engineering design, working with systems such as HVAC, steam, and hot water. At Go, Emily assists project teams on energy audits, utility measurement & verification, portfolio-scale energy management, and portfolio-scale data analysis projects. She is integral to our commissioning and energy management projects, often performing project and client management for our team. She brings a wealth of prior experience working with building owners, architects, construction teams, and other engineers to inform her perspectives.

Before joining Go, Emily spent five years performing HVAC systems design for large commercial new construction and major renovation projects for schools, museums, offices, and libraries. Many of these facilities were pursuing or achieved LEED certification. Her design experience involved 3D modeling of HVAC systems, HVAC design calculations, equipment selection, and creating design documents like drawings and specifications. During this time, she was able to design systems such as, but not limited to steam, hot water, various air handling units, variable refrigerant flow (VRF), etc.

Emily earned her Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton with a focus in Renewable and Clean Energy. For her master’s thesis on tidal electricity generation, she worked with her professors to design a man-made lake and channel connected to the ocean that imitates real locations in the world that see a dramatic change in tide every day. The goal was to create a system that operated near its resonant frequency to maximize tide variation and generate electricity as the tides change using a turbine.

One motto from Huxley’s novel Brave New World was “the more stitches, the less riches”. Emily disagrees with a passion! She strives to sew and knit to both mend and to avoid buying new. Projects include reusable snack and food storage bags and superhero capes for her kids! Emily loves spending time with her husband and three kids going camping and to parks. Past kid bedtime, she enjoys watching science fiction movies and playing strategy board games.

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