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Marah Halper

As an energy engineer, Marah’s experience helps Go advise clients on distributed energy resources and energy management projects. Her experience with electrical transmission and generation helps our clients understand the technical and economic feasibility for renewable energy and energy storage projects. She also assists our healthcare clients in tracking progress towards goals, identifying and resolving issues, and gaining support for energy management activities from leadership.

Marah received a Bachelor of Energy Engineering from the University of Exeter in England, where she learned about renewable energy, energy policy, and energy management. While pursuing this degree, Marah designed residential solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems for a solar design and installation company. Marah helped clients navigate system and equipment options, understand their home’s energy economics, and assist the installation team in understanding site conditions.

After graduating she spent a few years working in Scotland for a transmission operator, analyzing and writing about long-term strategic planning for the electricity network. This included projecting future generation landscapes and making recommendations for how the transmission grid should prepare for these scenarios. She also helped assess and write business cases for future interconnection projects.

Marah enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, and swimming. In unfavorable weather, she enjoys cooking, baking, and reading science-fiction and fantasy novels. She has lived in four countries, and loves being a tourist, both in her home city and abroad in the 25 (and counting!) countries she has visited. Whether she is discovering cool things about Columbus with her loved ones or traveling far to explore, each experience brings new foods to try, new cultures to experience, and new people to meet.

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