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Micah Bidwell

Micah is an energy engineer that works on energy auditing, commissioning, and healthcare energy management projects. Her background is interdisciplinary, having received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy from the University of Dayton.

Before joining Go, Micah’s interest in experiencing new cultures lead her to study abroad in Spain and Ecuador. Her passion for sustainability led her to participate in clean water engineering projects in Ghana and Uganda. She also worked in the City of Dayton’s Water Department, protecting and monitoring the Miami River Valley’s water resources.

Ever since moving to Ohio, Micah has purposefully engaged in communal living in a big house with many good friends! Together, she and her housemates are active members of the St. Anne’s Hill Historic Society and were recognized with the Fred P. Bremer Volunteer of the Year award in 2019. She enjoys bike riding, the elimination of invasive species like honeysuckle and tree of heaven, and doing group projects! Micah and her housemates recently purchased some land with big plans to build a haybale house with a food forest for all of their neighbors to enjoy.

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