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Milena Walwer

Milena is a core member of Go’s Distributed Energy Resources team, working with renewable energy, demand response, energy storage and grid interactive technologies. Milena has helped government, non-profit, utility, university, and other entities study the technical and economic feasibility for renewable energy and energy storage projects, assisted them with market engagement, and helped them to navigate the complex world of renewable energy procurement for both on-site and off-site opportunities. To do so, Milena analyzes complex data, performs in-depth research and documentation, assists in RFP writing, and helps to effectively communicate our findings.

Milena graduated from the University of Dayton (UD) with a Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy. Milena worked as a Graduate Assistant for the UD Hanley Sustainability Institute where she led the Campus Waste Team, participated in the campus carbon neutrality planning, and worked with students and staff on a wide range of sustainability initiatives. For her master’s project, Milena developed an energy model for her own home and used it to design solar Photovoltaic and geothermal systems to make it zero energy. Her roof is now adorned with solar panels and she hopes some version of her “pipe dream” might follow soon.

Milena has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree also from the University of Dayton. Inspired by her ETHOS experiences in Honduras and Cameroon as an undergraduate, Milena obtained a U.S. Fulbright Scholarship to return to Honduras for a year after graduation to work as a Community Development Coordinator for the non-profit, Heart to Honduras. She then moved to Austin, TX to discover a new part of the world and work as an Engineer in Training at Texas Engineering Solutions, LLC. In this role, she designed and permitted infrastructure for water quality measures, detention facilities, streets, and stormwater and wastewater lines.

Before moving to Ohio, Milena and her husband took the opportunity to hike much of the western United States. They explored nineteen National Parks, camping and living out of their Prius, on a three-month adventure. Escaping into nature is still one of Milena’s favorite activities, especially with her husband, little dog, and two young kiddos. Milena also enjoys throwing pottery, tending their backyard garden, and cooking with the fresh eggs provided by one of their hens!

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