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Tommy Tappel

Tommy, based in Dayton, is a member of Go’s Distributed Energy Resources team, working with renewable energy, demand response, energy storage and grid interactive technologies. He graduated from the University of Dayton (UD) with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a minor in Business Administration. Tommy began his career at a design engineering firm, assessing and improving building performance, with a focus on equipment and building controls improvements in higher education, healthcare, and other commercial facilities.

After a few years in the field, Tommy returned to UD to earn a Master of Science in Engineering which included studies in renewable energy, sustainability, and public administration. During this time, he worked as a graduate assistant for UD’s ETHOS program… during the height of a global pandemic. ETHOS typically links students with international service engineering immersion work, but with travel plans severely limited, he and other students pivoted to focus effort and research on projects to help the Dayton community. Tommy’s research interest concentrated on energy burden, the percentage of household income spent on energy.

Sparked by this interest, Tommy graduated and became the Executive Director for the Dayton Energy Collaborative, a nonprofit organization focused on creating sustainable energy programming for neighborhoods. Working with local housing agencies, Tommy and his team worked to develop better ways to improve the safety, energy efficiency, and indoor environment of low-income housing in Dayton. This journey led him to join the Go team, where he hopes to continue working towards a more sustainable and equitable energy system.

Away from work Tommy enjoys working on complex, significant renovation projects at his home in East Dayton with his partner Lauren. Away from work-work and home-work, Tommy plays and coaches Ultimate Frisbee, hikes, bikes, and, most favorite of all, over-plans elaborate get-togethers with friends.

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