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Utility-Scale Residential Portfolio Data Studies
Utility-Scale Residential Portfolio Data Studies

The Need

Utilities, energy suppliers, aggregators, cities, and other entities interact with large groups of residences in a variety of ways. Due to the small energy use and cost of any individual residence in the portfolio, site-by-site engagement can be time intensive and uneconomical. However, these entities need to engage their portfolios and the utility data for many reasons.

Our Approach

We use tools that we develop in-house to apply energy analysis techniques such as data regression to large quantities of data in very little time. This allows us to engage specific residences in the data set while meeting portfolio-scale needs. This approach may be applied to, for example, 50,000 homes in one city or millions of homes across a utility’s multi-state footprint!

The Results

We can accomplish a lot with a little for a portfolio of residential facilities. After applying our analysis techniques, we can:

  • Understand the portfolio and obtain clear metrics to inform decision making.

  • Characterize individual residences or groups of residences to find common traits. Just some groupings could include those sites that do or do not have air conditioning, sites with dual-fuel or hybrid heating systems, or sites with high or low year-round energy use.

  • Identify best and worst energy users both overall and within sub-components of energy use such as heating.

  • Target candidate sites where opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades exist.

  • Perform bulk measurement and verification after facilities have been upgraded to quantify the energy impact while tracking portfolio progress towards and organization’s goals.

Our goal is to facilitate more strategic and effective investment, whether that be marketing, homeowner engagement, outreach to candidate sites with the most impact potential, developing policy, etc.

Our Role

Energy analyst, software developer, advisor to utility program or building portfolio

The Client

Anonymous Utility and City Clients


2014 - Present


Charles Schreier, PE

John Seryak, PE

Peter Worley

Shawn Brown, Ph.D.

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