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Wendy's - Energy Score Development & Strategic
Energy Planning
Wendy's - Energy Score Development & Strategic 
Energy Planning

The Need

An international portfolio of thousands of restaurants uses a tremendous amount of energy and presents unique opportunities for energy, carbon, and cost management. Progress in these areas is driven by a portfolio-scale mindset, group reporting, common metrics, etc.

Our Approach

In 2018, we assisted the Wendy’s Global Energy Initiatives team in developing a framework for a strategic energy plan to directly impact company-owned restaurant energy use and to influence franchise-owned locations. Just one part of this project was to perform a deep dive on Wendy’s restaurant energy and other data to inform the potential for developing Wendy’s-specific metrics.

In 2019, we developed the “Wendy’s Energy Score”. This statistical proprietary model analyzes energy usage at company restaurants and franchisees participating in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Better Buildings Challenge. It is used to benchmark and prioritize energy investments while helping to understand progress on energy use across a large portfolio. We also developed methods of communicating progress to Wendy’s franchises to help understand the progress that they make across their portion of this very large portfolio.

The Results

This joint effort between Go and Wendy’s was highlighted in the Wendy’s 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report, in which Wendy’s announced a roadmap to setting science-based GHG emissions targets by the end of 2023! We are just a small part of their team as Wendy’s sets off on a journey to achieve more reductions and increase transparency for its emissions across its supply chain.

Our Role

Strategic Energy Consultant, Wendy’s Energy Score Developer

The Client





Charles Schreier, PE

Gregory Raffio, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Neil Wittberg, PE, CEM

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